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Ina Earlene Fisher

Ina Earlene Fisher of Andrews, Texas was 89 when she went to the other side on the 24th of March twenty sixteen after a drawn out battle with lymphoma. Born in Runnels county, Texas, Ina Earlene Fisher helped her family raise cattle, horses, and other livestock and she traded horses and auctioneered from time to time. Ina went to Texas Tech and later moved to Andrews Texas where her family opened business that catered to the new influx of citizens due to the beginning of the iol boom. They operated a beauty salon, a dry goods store and opened the first restaurant in Andrews.

Ina Earlene Fisher was very good with horses from a young age and she became a staple on the rodeo circuit as a “sponsor girl”. Sponsor girls went from town to town with the rodeo sponsored by various ranches and businesses. In Ina’s case she was very sought after and she traveled by train all around the country by train performing along side of the likes of Gene Autry and Roy Rogers.

After the rodeo tour, she felt Texas calling her back and returned to Andrews where she was hired as assistant to the Superintendant of Schools. Shortly thereafter, she married her high school sweetheart, Marvin Fisher. They were together for fifty-five years of marriage and Ina helped him work around his ranch, “The –F Ranch”. The ranch was a family affair, being founded by Marvin’s mother and father (Marvin and Nola Fisher). During this time they became very active in the community and were responsible for founding any organizations that helped Andrews, Texas and their fellow ranchers for years to come.

Ina Earlene Fisher was an amazing woman who deeply touched everybody she came in contact with. She was a wonderful philanthropist and a pillar of her church and community.

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Ina Earlene Fisher The Inventor

Ina Earlene Fisher was a prolific and award winning Inventor. More info will be available on the blog.

Ina Earlene Fisher The Philanthropist

Ina gave much of her time and money to philanthropic causes.

There is another Ina Earlene Fisher.

There is another Ina Earlene Fisher in the technology sector. You can find out more about her here.

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Ina Earlene Fisher

Ina Earlene Fisher
Ina Earlene Fisher
Wife, Mother, and Entrepreneur

Ina Was a beautiful person

Ina Earlene Fisher Tribute Video

Ina Earlene Fisher was the light in many of our lives. Her inextinguishable spirit will live on throughout time. Her dedication family, friends, and faith was unmatched and rare. She was a wife, a mother, a grandmother, and an entrepreneur. She will be well thought of in the coming days.

The video to the right is a short tribute to a wonderful woman. We hope that she is at rest and at peace with her savior.


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  • "Fantastic real estate person and entrepreneur. Ina will be missed by many."

    Diane Franke
  • "I had the pleasure of knowing Ina Earlene Fisher for many years. Her dedication to, her family, her community and to her faith was an amazing inspiration to us all."

    Bill "Buck" Danny