Ina Earlene Fisher was a prolific inventor with many patents to her credit. An incredible woman, Ina had careers in education, cattle ranching, show business, real estate, and mining before becoming an inventor.

One of her first inventions was a shield that kept X-rays from fluorescent lights from interfering with film in a doctor’s office. This invention was quite successful and sol thousands of units. It was awarded a US patent in 2000 and is till in use to this day.

Ina-Earlene-Fisher-Neck-Collar Invention

Another invention of Ina Earlene Fisher’s was the Slim neck Exercise Collar. This is a collar made of lambs wool surrounded by a silk covering that generates heat in the neck area of the user and helps the user lose inches around their neck. This is especially beneficial to people who suffer from “chicken neck” or just want to lo=se a few inches from their double chin.






Ina Earlene Fisher Skip Rope Patent
Ina Earlene Fisher Skip Rope Patent

Yet another invention from Ina Earlene Fisher is a system for skip rope exercising. This device helps the user by giving immediate feedback as to how many skips have been completed giving the user real time feedback as to how many skips have been completed, how many calories burned, and the duration of the workout. This device was very popular and was sold through a very successful infomercial throughout the 2000s.





We’ll have more on Ms. Fisher’s many inventions in part two of this blog post. Please stay tuned!